Friday, April 4, 2008

***Family Vacations***

This February the three of us Flew to Las Vegas and had such a fun time! We walked what felt like miles and miles(my feet are still recovering), and saw so many cool things. Matthew's favorite things were; 1. The games 2. The rides 3. The hotels 4. When we saw the flamingos and the lions 5. The JOUSTING parts when the guys jousted off their this....mmmm rrrrrr grrrrrrr(and some kicking and sword fighting). The first night we stayed we were all pretty beat so we went to bed without seeing too much, but the next day we went to the game area in the Excalibur where we stayed and played games and won tons of toys. We also saw "Tournament of Kings", which was very exciting. The buffet at the Paris was delicious and the live entertainment at the Venetian was one of my favorite parts of our whole trip! We also saw the M&M factory, where we saw so many colors of M&M's that we couldn't decide which ones we wanted to eat first. Even cooler was upstairs the M&M's car.

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